Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 1, 2008

I should not of have had to cook as my birthday was that Monday but no one cared at what my excuse was unless I was dead it wasn’t good enough! So I made your whiskey glazed carrots for my 1 out of 4 dinners that day and my family (except my great aunt) loved it! It will be made again next year I beleive and added to the traditions! I loved it too, so much that I might make it for Christmas eve at my hubby’s grandma’s house! Otherwise I made quite a few things and I am seriously considering having Thanksgiving at my house next year and make everyone come to my house instead of 4 trips…. UGH! I even made cookie cutter dough later that night with my girls, and baked and frosted them the next day, BOY am I tired of sugar! (2 batches of frosting made into 4 colors will do that to you!) I absolutely am going to do your acorn squash thing too later this week as I have 5 of them at my house that were decorations and now can be made into food! The Turkey was good, so was the pork, and the ham, and the lasagna (4 houses 4 different traditions…) I didn’t eat for two days afterwards! (ok that is a lie I ate too much frosting the next day….) I am going to eventually go through all of your recipes here and test them on my family, they don’t seem to mind except the fact that the computer moves to the kitchen when I do that! I hope your house was full of food and love, Happy Thanksgiving!

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