Friday, December 12, 2008

December 5, 2006

How do we ever get ourselves into these things? I am so tired and still need to do more... Damn! My tree looks lovely and I wish I could do the outside of the house, it's just the outside isn't as pretty as the inside now that we covered most of the holes the previous owners left.... grrrrr. Let's see one fish still, two cats still for now, and the dog has decided to stay home, now if I could get my kid to do the same. Oh well I am greatful for what I do have and I will continue to be greatful for everyday I am alive. Now my job, I want to scream about how inconsiderate some people are, but I will wait, karma does wonderful things that I never could get away with! mwahahahahahaha!
Peace for now, laters.....

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