Friday, December 12, 2008

January 18, 2007

OK so yesterday I had added this beautiful, long, detailed blog, and the damn computer wants my password again so I did not bother to retype it.
Now I kind of will, see yesterday I went into work, I have not been feeling the greatest, but I went in because I had been called the day before to make sure I was going to come in no matter what. I made it in yesterday to do as I was told, and it irked me that there was three other secretaries that had been there the day before that were there yesterday and not a damn one of them would cover or help me. I had to do the shit because they do not want to, I actually can do it good enough that no one really notices the change in the work. Which is good to a point, I do not get any recognition for it, I do not get any extra pay and it is only a dollar more an hour for a level higher than I am at now. Bureaucracy sucks some times. I love my insurances and my retirement plan, but GOD do they work you like a dog and only pay you enough to stay for the benefits. Arg! I should of came in and puked on everyone. I am a doormat I really am at work. Ugh.
Any way, Skinney was still playing video games all day yesterday and he had already started this morning when I left for work, pathetic vidiot, there is so much more in the house he could be doing that won't cost us a damn dollar! UGH!
Fishes are doing well, no placo yet, but I will get one soon, at least I have company for the one that lived through the last ammonia horror. They seem friendly to each other but my plants in the tank are paying for having to in there now. I will need to buy more plants soon I am sure.
The kitties are starting to get a long better, not really, but we forced Hayze and Killian out of the boy's room and now Hayze is making more appearances in the living room, I just hope she stands up to Killian and makes him get it through his head to leave her alone, I doubt she will force him to get the message, but I can hope. :) Otherwise, Miss Beautiful is just chillin out with us at night now. Skinney keeps trying to lock Killian in the basement, but I keep on stopping him, cannot have one permanently living in the basement now, he just ALWAYS has something to say, poor dear.
Nibbs is miserable, he has eaten a bare spot in front of his tail, and he cannot stop shaking his head, he is going to be expensive at the vet this year I can see it. I probably should take him in sooner, but to be honest, Skinney being laid off is not exactly a money deal, nothings is pouring into the house right now from that side.... I am just going to have to wrestle the dog down and clean his ears again tonight; I just hope I am not making them worse.
Heidi wants to go camping from 6/30 to 7/7 up more in the state with river riding and lots of beach and chillin' time, however as it seems with Jay's side of the group, I am the only one that has family that wants us around for every holiday, so I doubt we can go the whole week, but I can try to get up there for part of it, I hope, just need to talk to Skinney and get the reservations. I have not even talked to him about it yet. HA! Making plans just like he does... it's too funny to me.
Ok well I am going to get off here, I am at work and ahem, I am not supposed to be on here like this, Bad schayde! Bad!

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