Tuesday, December 16, 2008

July 11, 2007 (Late!)

Hi! Sorry I am a few days late with this.....
Well I wanted to tell you all about Zoo Days here at our little beautiful Potter Park. We took about 7 kids, and 7 adults and you know what, kids can still wander off on you. My parents, my two cousins, one with daughter in tow, my sister, and my girlfriend Heidi all went with me from about 9 am to well Heidi and I left at 2pm, we had been done by around 1pm but we had to go sit and enjoy the playground outside the park, several under 10 year olds wanted to play on it and I wasn't going to argue with a good nights sleep. I even arranged for a pool session after the zoo to exhaust them more and you know what, they stayed up longer than could be imagined. I sent them to bed so I could go to bed. My parents, cousins, and sister pretty much left Heidi and I to deal with ALL the kids, WOW.....
We managed to get there early enough that we were able to see the zoo caretakers give the wolves bones, one went around his area three times and then buried his bone. Next we saw the ostriches, and camels, then the largest rodents out there, bald eagles, geese, ducks, penguins, wild mini cats, tigers, rhinos, kangaroos, torties, and so much more! The community has several booths all around and the kids all got air-sprayed tattoos, (it tickled Skinney), then lunch, and then cotton candy, and just as you leave the monsters give the kids twinkies. I wanted to scream it was like adding a 1 ton atom bomb to their metabolisms thats why we stayed at the park for so long after, Heidi and I just sat there watching. We are too old to be running after them again.
So the zoo was great everyone got a great souviner and I got the bill! HA! What fun it truly was cuz at least I wasn't at work..... lol!

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