Friday, December 12, 2008

March 13, 2007

Well, it seems that I am always running now, I need to run to the vet soon too, Nibbies needs his shots! Got my brakes done this weekend so at least I know I will stop in time at each of my errands.
Today was so nice and actually it still is, I almost feel like washing my car, but I know if I do I will only end up cold and wet with a clean car until I drive it. I just don't want to jinx the weather but I so want to work on my yard too. Spring fever is hitting hard it seems.
This weekend is going to be REALLY busy, we go get the girls on Friday, party in GL Saturday and bowl on Sunday. When do I get to clean and eat with my family I will never know, but I am planning to try and fit it all in.....
Still waiting on some things for skinney but... I guess all I can do is wait and I hate that part the most, hurry up and wait, it seems to be my life lately.
I've been enjoying my rpg's lately but I am having a hard time being my characters, I think the books I read interfere to much with my attitude at times. I mean why else would I feel mopey but because of a book's sad part?? LOL ok I have enugh reasons on my own to be sad when I want to.
My doctor recently put me on this anit-depressant, I never knew I was that way but evidentally I am so now I take drugs to make it all better, some how that doesn't really seem to be solving the problem that I didn't even knew existed. HA!
I love seeing everyone's babies too but it seems that no matter how cute I still will tease Skinney and be thankful to hand them back to their parents, can't say I will offer to babysit, but if necessary everyone I know, knows I will.
The boy's swimming lessons are doing good, he's now more like a fish in water than a boy that is growing to tall for his mom to deal with. The girls are coming this weekend for the week and I can only hope and pray the oldest still wants to live with us when summer comes, but knowing our luck we will still be waiting.
Our roommate is moving out and I have to say I am going to miss him, this is the first one I never had to kick out and it just confuses me on how I am supposed to feel, not angry I guess but pouty like I've been telling him. I will be really sad to see him go.
Work is still work, immaturity abounds there and I swear I feel like I can never get away from the childish attitudes that thrive there. It's almost to the point I can't talk to anyone there anymore without something coming from it. yeeeesh!
Skinney still hasn't heard from Eydes but I will keep my fingers crossed, I just hope he can get back in.
Any who I guess I am just waiting and hoping, I need to stop and appreciate what I have....
Thank you God!

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