Friday, December 12, 2008

November 22, 2006

Ok, I am the crazy one and went to work today, for the whole friggin day, what a dope. But..... I hope to get a lot done today at work, I have files to shuffle, I have a Division Christmas Party to organize, and I think I might even want to try and cook more things tonight.
I've had four fish die so far in my tank, I feel really bad, I did water changes, changed filters, and still everything is in pain and dieing, I hope that changes soon, but I know how long it takes a tank to get back to normal, I have a few weeks to go yet. (Damn I hope no more of them die) I also hope they all forgive me for not being able to stop their painful experiences. My husband says I am insane, fish can't remember anything, but I figure it would be like a human stuck in a mustard gas tank, every move hurts, even breathing hurts, and I can't fix the tank any faster than I am. I just feel really bad, and hopefully my husband finally got the idea about what they are going through. He stopped complaining about me fiddling with it anyway.
You may have all noticed that I state a lot of things about how my husband and I disagree, don't worry about all of that. I don't write all the parts about what we agree upon, and a little diversity never hurts any marriage. :) He is my fun, and without him I am extremely boring, and I am his stability, which he needs otherwise I think he would be a hippy. lol! So together we balance out pretty well, I just like complaining here, it helps me realize what is important to my marriage and what isn't. Sorry you all are the ranting panel but the title of this blog told you that fromt he begining. Ha!
Luvs, peace, naps and LOTS of Turkey tomorrow!
gobble gobble!

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