Friday, December 12, 2008

October 31, 2006

I swear most of the male species is a waste of time, and I am married to one of them. First off they say altruistic love is the best kind, and I agree that women have it down pat, no question. The male species on the other hand? They always take care of themselves and then make sure you make it extra special. Let me tell you males something, sex once a night without even getting off isn't doing your part, it never has been it never will be. So for all of you men that think screwing your girl should be enough, take it like my husband and sleep on the fucking couch.
Happy Halloween to everyone else, and for the few men in the world that get that your happiness is based off of someone else's happiness. I am happy for you. BTW my kid came home with a butt load of candy! Although the neighborhood was full of nothing but party poopers, my faith in the world is slipping....... bastards!
PS, I was the x-wife for Halloween, kinda ironic huh? My t-shirt said he had it coming with a pair of bloody scissors, I love that shirt.

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