Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

Today is my birthday, I will be 33 at 10:13pm tonight, it isn't a big year, but for me it is a big day, so I will be enjoying it as much as I can with only a half day of work, and no work tomorrow! Yippee!

So if you like to think of me fondly and have a bottle of fine Tennessee whiskey (Jack Daniels, Gentelemans Jack or your preference), do me a favor, pour yourself a dram or two, and "salute," to my birthday if you please! :) I know I will be doing just that tonight!
The picture to the left is a jigger shot glass, you fill the bottom with Coke-Cola and the top with your whiskey and poof, a perfectly mixed shot! I so want one of these and who knows maybe I will get one for my birthday!

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