Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

Already I have started this year off badly this year by not posting as often as I should. I apologize to anyone that has been waiting with baited breath for me. Mainly because I am not sure that you have or would have made it to this date, waiting this long for me, again I am sorry.

(Snickers) As I know hardly anyone reads this blog, but I do really appreciate the four of you that do read my blog.

This year actually hasn't started out really stellar for me but I have decided that as I have no control over it, I am going to not stress myself out and not worry about those things that I have no control over. I will just prepare myself to deal with the things that I can control in some minor way, like my spending habits and my impulse wants. If I can just remember to only acquire those things that I really NEED and not WANT, then I think I will be at least 1 step ahead.

Right? I hope!

I know that I have to resist almost all television then as it is almost non-stop advertising for one thing or another that is marketed to want you to desire things that you don't need and definitely stretch already severely limited budgets. It is a shame that those that are rich always want to make more for themselves without giving back to those that helped make it for them and exploit any avenue available to them to squeeze every cent they can out of everybody they can.

What happened to ethics that had the businesses keeping their profit margins to a reasonable level of no more than 20%? Now days the public gets ripped for no less than 25%, even with credit card interest! Its disgraceful!

Everybody has their ideas of why our economy has crumbled, and of course I do too, and it happens to be at the feet of the greedy that I lay the blame. When is enough, truly enough, for the greedy? And who is the greediest in my mind, since I am ranting? I say that since the United States Supreme Court deemed that international corporations now have first amendment rights in the United States, I will have to say that the greediest are the corporations.

Now I know that I have said before that it was the federal government's fault with not keeping timely promises, or any true promises to the hard working public, but now I see that the federal government is only a piece of the larger pie. Many things are a part of the problem; the media, for making advertisements that are focused on showing the "haves" to the "have not" demographic and making them think it is with in their reach; the corporations, for reasons already stated, namely greed; the mindless that do not think for themselves and allow the corrupt to lead them; and so many more issues/special interests that affect human nature.

You know I like to think that man as a whole is good, but I have also come to realize that the ideal I have, has eroded with parents afraid to discipline their children and a government that rewards the greedy and the lazy.

It saddens me.

But as I typed earlier, I have decided that as I have no control over it, I am going to not stress myself out and not worry about those things that I have no control over.

But it can still sadden me.

Peace. I know that I am thinking that my life now will be more peaceful.

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