Tuesday, December 16, 2008

April 25, 2007

Some of you probably didn't know and some of you probably did, I lost my phone on the 19th and I had been procrastinating on getting a new one, I just couldn't beleive that someone at my work, or any of their kids would take it. And even though I had those sneaky nasty thoughts about people, I was right, I found it yesterday in my desk drawer inside a shopping bag that I had put away on the 19th. I feel like an idiot but..... I am happy to have it back and no insurance premium to pay to a cell phone company. (Yeah I still find that hard to deal with)
However, what is pissing me off now, none of those that read this don't worry, I'm not mad at you, I just have several things that are bugging me, 1. my house, especially the living room, it is down to the studs and I can't seem to get anyone to move fast enough to put the dam drywall up. 2. The roofers were supposed to start today and of course, it's raining, damn weather, conspiring against me. 3. I went and looked at the sewer lead downstairs, it has a crack and needs replacing, so someone have two grand I can have? I'd say borrow but I am not sure when I would be able to pay you back, but I would I promise, don't think I wouldn't.
4. Then at work, whoa! I was about to go postal yesterday, this one woman here at work I feel is taking serious advantage of me and I am unfortunately friends with her outside of work so I can't hate her but I really wanted to hurt her yesterday when she drops her work in my lap. She probably doesn't see it that way, but I do, especially when she e-maild me the whole time I am in a training class in the morning and then just before lunch says she is leaving and then leaves a bunch of shit on my desk she says she doesn't know when she will be back from the doctors, and then she calls at 3 to let me know she isn't going to make it back in. (DUH!) Whatever, I took care of her shit, but it irritates the hell out of me that she can't seem to handle her job, I mean I am a level 9 and she is an 8, don't you think she should be able to handle her own shit and not leave it for me, I don't have my own friggin' work? She works for me not me her, ugh it just makes me mad, but I get the overtime so nyah!
Ok enough ranting I guess, I took my happy pill this morning so I should be good for the day, plus it's administrative support (secretary's) day and since I am that, I got a pot of lavendar mums, a card, chocolate, and ear plugs! Yes, ear plugs, I am tired of having to hear people around here bitching, even though I do the same thing on here I am not verbally speaking it for everyone else to hear. And while I should just walk away from my cube, I can't cuz I got a butt load of work. And if you guys don't like this, well you've always had the choice of not reading it, right? See I don't get a choice so I asked for ear plugs and one of my boss' got them for me, I so appreciate it too! I plan on using the this afternoon when the bitching REALLY starts!
Peace and much quiet! Talk to all of you later!

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