Tuesday, December 16, 2008

April 23, 2007 (Back Posting!)

So yesterday wasn't just earthday for me, it was my hubby's birthday and you will be happy to know that he is willing to recycle himself in about 50 more years so he says, I might recycle him for two legal aged males in a few years! (snort, no I won't, I'm waiting for him to die this year!) ..... Ok, for those of you that don't know this joke, my husband has been telling me since we got together that he was a superstar and that he was going to die at 33 like all the other superstars that died at 33. I - being purely skeptical have told him since the first, "you aren't a supertar," so now the joke is being that it is the imfamous year for him, I have told him if he dies this year that I will say at his eulogy that he was a superstar, otherwise if he lives through this year, (which I am 99% sure he will he is in perfect health..) I get to remind him that he isn't a superstar and we move onto the next phase of our lives. So it isn't as if I am planning his death or anything, it's just a joke that I am sharing with you about our happy little marriage.... yes I know that I am twisted and since he married me, so is he....
So as I try and recycle the whole yard for that blasted hole in the backyard (when we bought the house, the bank removed the pool as an insurance hazard and left the big ass hole that the pool had been..... nice), pray that my living room really is done in a week or I may die fromt he frustration of having my house torn apart! We are dry-walling the living room seeing as it used to be this lovely particle board crap that just doesn't hold a damn thing up on it, from being so old. I have to assume is was the late thirties when the house was built that this crap was put up there and it just doesn't hold a thing anymore, if it ever did, do I am having it re-done at the same time the roof is supposed to be done, so............ I want to go away from my house for a week so i don't have to see the train wreck at the end of each day....
But ok, I gotta work Hubby's birthday was fun, and now I have a slight sunburn cuz I dared to show the wolrd my extremely milky-white legs all day yesterday.

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