Tuesday, December 16, 2008

August 17, 2007

Ok so today I am supposed to get out of my little city and go to an even littler place up north, it's my brother's and his wife's place and I am excited about going up there with them, Pontoon boat, paintballing, and I think a dunebuggy is coming up this weekend. Crazy stuff lots of adult toys that we can have fun with. I actually just want to lay out on the pontoon and try and tan my grossly scarred and extremely white legs for the first time this summer. Now I know that this is a late start on the whole thing, but..... at least I am trying to tan the lower half to the same consistency as the upper half. Amazingly I can go outside in a tank top all summer get real nice tan on the arms and back but nope not onepair of shorts there for me to comfortably sit in and try to tan the legs.... Ah well I can at least try this weekend. :D
Don't want to do laundry but it seems I will have to wait on it until Sunday anyway... yeeesh! Laundry is never done. Grrrr.....
Kiddies are not at home, they went to an aunt and a grandma, bless family for wanting to see the little munchins. Yeah I know neither one of them is young enough to call them that anymore but.... it's better than calling them my little bas----s! lol!
Ok so I am trying to waste time here at the slowest time of the day on any given work day and that is the afternoon, I don't know why, but the morning zips by, even without any work and the afternoon just creeps. It sucks.
Heard from my old art teacher in high school, he's going to one of the Carolina's to do some teaching, I think, how unfair! I want to go!!! , but I can't begrudge him, he taught high school art and elementary art and he hates kids. Ha! I think the irony is just too much at times Ireally do.
But ok, I can't seem to waste enough time.... so I guess I will watch the seconds tick by then....
Peace! :)

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