Friday, December 12, 2008

December 14, 2006

I am going to be ill today, I cannot find my flash drive, that things has sooo much stuff on it, my check book, my mortgage, my credit card log, my loan with my grandpa, my retirement loans, my dreams, my christmas list, my address list, AIK's check book, my log of what I owe to my parents, my second mortage info, my passwords, everything, that was just one file and the rest on there, is resumes, AIK's bids and invoices, my POAs with my parents, my letters to poeple, Skinney's FOC info, I am seriously going to be ill. I thought last night when I couldn't find it that I had left it at work and now I can't find it at work, in the car, my purse, my coat, my WHOLE firgging life was on that damn little stick and I SO NEED it back!
I need to search the house, car, and garage again, I cannot live without that thing, I will be so lost on what to buy this weekend if I can't find it. SHIT!

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