Friday, December 12, 2008

December 13, 2006

I'm still mad, but now I am trying to figure out how to deal with all of this, I mean I know for sure that he ruined another chance to get a long with her, not that any great steps would have been taken yesterday, but.... I am sure it was noticed that I came and ran the moment I could. Thansk Hubby dear, and you were the one bugging for us to get a long, well your the sabature (sp?). He says I ruined it a long time ago talking shit, I think he forgot who was the person talking shit and still is, him. I never said half of the stuff I have gotten credit for and I am refusing right now to deal with any of this. I shouldn't have to explain myself and he should apologize to me he made the shit worse and continues to do so. I'm not talking to him right now but maybe he will like that too much, so I think I will start talking too much just to bug the shit out of him, because right after all of that yesterday all he did was sleep when he got home, evidentally working at the same job for the last six months is too much for him to do a little extra for one day and be worth anything to hang out with at night.
I have a lump of doom in my stomache that is eating at me right now and I am still not happy, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions and I refuse to let him continue to be a baby. I swear only children like him are a pain in the ass.

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