Friday, December 12, 2008

December 18, 2006

Today was my work's Holiday Party, and from what everyone tells me, it went well, I just enjoyed it myself and tried to clean up all of the messes that were made. I also was a part of our Crazy Carolers this year and I really had a lot of fun! It surprises me to say that but it was fun and I am SO happy I became so involved this year with work. Hopefully everyone will stop looking at me as the baby of the office and we can get down to me being respected at my job for who I am.
As for this weekend.....
Well on Saturday we started at 11:30am, or so, we didn't get finished with shopping until around 7:30, I am a power shopper when I want to be. We started at the bank, then the dollar store, then American Eagle twice (2 different stores) then Burlington, Big Lots, Meijers, Game Stop, and then Wireless Toyz. We then went home and I tried to wrap a BUNCH of it that night but Skinney said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So the next day around 9 in the morning I started baking for today's work party (2 pies, and 6 dozen cookies) and also started laundry. Hubby helped with wrapping presents and laundry, Skinney is SO on the good list right now! Yeah for him! We finished wrapping most of the stuff late last night and wanted to die around 7pm. I think I almost did, then I had heartburn at 1:30 am and I had to actually get up and take something for it because it was so bad, nerves for today I think. Well it went well I think and now, it is 3pm and I am ready to fall under my desk and be buried there. I am SO tired! I am going home today and I am not going to do a DAMN thing I am just going to soak my feet and smoke my cigarettes that I am not supposed to smoke anymore....
I spoke with my mom about my son...... I am actually getting mad at him now, he is being spoiled and I started it, but I told him in the beginning, he could NOT compare grandma and I and he is, does, and probably will continue to do so just because he is the little prince of the family. I am about to knock him off his block very soon...... as soon as I figure out how to fix the cat problem in his room.......geeze that ryhmed and I didn't mean for it to. I just wish I could figure out how to make my 10 year old cat happy again without the kitty prozac....
I picked today's picture because I feel ontop of the mountain but probably only for today. :) Courtsey of National Geographic.

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