Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 19, 2007

This week... it has been full of many surprises and disappointments and it is not even half over yet. Love doing my shopping, hate that I cannot find anything I want and yet it challenges me to find better things.

I am hurt this week too as I finally saw something that was done... I do not want to say anymore.

I have loved the secret Santa stocking game at work, people are so generous and nice, I love all my ornaments and gifts and chocolate lots of chocolate, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

I have been asked to buy into the Santa thing again this year with my middle and youngest children... I have issue with this, only because Christmas is more than an old man jumping down your chimney leaving you presents, this is supposed to be the celebration of the Christian religions birth of their savior or for some just winter solstice (the lengthening of days once again, hence a rebirth of the world). Somehow those meanings always gets lost sooner and sooner every year. Now I am not trying to force my religion down anyone's throat.

To be honest with you I am unsure of my religion, I like to say henotheist (belief of my own god of choosing, but will not deny anyone else's), but I wonder if I am being a hypocrite in when I say that. My husband claims to be an atheist, I think he's more a nondenominational, after all if you believe there is a devil, then you must believe there is an opposite, so... this is at a moot point with me in his beliefs personally I think he doesn't think it is worth it for him to figure out what he believes in.

I like to think everyone is allowed to believe in what they want so long as no harm comes to others from their beliefs. Nevertheless, I cannot say that is my religion either, so... so back to my dilemma. The youngers believe in the red and white old man, I haven't since I was 4, (older sibs really take the fun out of things at times) so I promised the other parents that I wouldn't talk about Santa, not anything I believe about him or anything else, I just will not discuss him. I have not ever said a present was from him to them so... I guess one day they will figure it out and then I probably still won't discuss it, it's probably a topic like skirts that shouldn't be brought up with me. Too many radical and freethinking thoughts for too young of ears.

(BTW, men should wear skirts not women, we do not need drafts and men have things that are between their legs, not women)

Any who... I have probably said that before, but a full-length discussion with me on the subject probably is not a good idea really, I have been holding firm to that thought for close to 20 years now.

So now that I have a promise to keep, mums the word, and I have buttoned my lip, so maybe we can discuss other things like the simple joy or giving instead of worrying about what you are receiving. I know I would like to talk about that with my kids more than anything else for this season.



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