Friday, December 12, 2008

December 27, 2006

Work is busy, I have 4 people out that I am covering for as well as my own job, it isn't making the day go fast enough though, grrr.
I want the tree down, RIGHT NOW, I hate having stuff up after the holiday, Halloween included, just because it is over already and I have had the decorations up enough for this year.... ugh, I know Skinney won't do it without me either, I saw that at lunch today already. Geeze you think he could try and do something while he is laid off. I guess I am impatient I mean what else does he have there to do but video games and sleeping, I am sure he slept in, so the video game is that important? It better not be. Oh ugh again I am tired and want to go to bed!
Almost 2pm and I still have three hours, after that I am sleeping, don't bother with dinner I just want sleep thank you, I will let you all know later if I get what I want though, HA!

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