Friday, December 12, 2008

December 26, 2006

Somethings were good, really good, and then some of it I just wanted to bash my head into something. I loved getting back my best friend, I loved most of my presents, since when did long v-neck sweaters become waist legth v-neck sweaters? Yeeesh, can't decide if I want to try and exchange them... probably would break some hearts, oh well. :) I'll probably keep them. The girls are leaving in about an hour, :( we don't get to see them enough, can't decide if I am going to take the boy to grandma's it's almost like hoisting the surrender flag, and everyone knows that I NEVER surrender in real life. :D
Don't like how lazy the husband has been, he says he will take care of the tree tomorrow, we will see....... I want to take it down right now, hate all of the decorations once it is already over, just too much crap out! lol
Ok enough for today, I have to say my life is better with my best friend and I back together. I am glad. :)

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