Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 4, 2007

We decorated this weekend, and I am still tired from it, then.... I decorated the office yesterday, and I think, that I am decorated out. Inheriting stuff from my parents (like the candle village that has been growing for 30 plus years) and wondering where to put it has put a strain on my brain for where to put it all now. The kids love it lights, everywhere, and me... well I just think about the electric bill for this month and cringe, I bet it is over $200 this time, gee I can't wait!
I almost have my Christmas cards done, and then to the post office I go to buy 100 stamps to mail all of them babies out, woo hoo, another civic duty to family and friends that will be done, no pictures this year but we only do the family photo every other year not every year, it's too much stress to do it every year. After all try and make 3 children, 1 that doesn't even live in this state, dress nice and not have some horrible scar, boo boo, scab, or bruise on thier face all at the same time. You would think that it would be easier as they get older, but NOOOO not the boy that is for sure, it just means more bruises, cuts, scrapes as he gets older... Ugh!
Then.... then I will need to start shopping for presents. Yeah I know, I am horrible, I have only 1 person done out of about 30 people, what am I thinking waiting so long? I don't know, maybe that I hate shopping, wait... don't die, yes I am a woman and I hate shopping, it has to do with I hate seeing my hard earned money go out the window for stuff that I bet most people won't even use or look at again until the next year. It isn't that I gift badly, I really don't think I do, but I never have enough cash to buy the lasting impression present that is so necessary for so many people. I think the populus as a whole is spoiled. But that is just my rant.
Ok I have to go to a Saftey Committee Meeting here at work and make sure I get there safely.
Peace and shopping to you all!

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