Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November 29, 2007

Ok my son is sick with Mono and what sucks is there really isn't anything you can do about this viral infection except lots of rest and liquids. That isn't enough to me, but maybe we have to accept that viral infections can't be fixed with a pill or a syrup. I just hate to see my 8 year old so miserable and yet still want to be so active. Yeeeeesh!

The eldest did great in swimming last night although their team lost to another middle school, it wasn't as humiliating as Otto against Gardener though. Speaking of schools, I have a bone to pick.
What the hell happens between elementary school and middle school in the Lansing School District? Michigan does a MEAP test (stands for Michigan Education Assessment Program) The elementary schools are at an average of 75% in reading and math, then you get to middle school and it drops to 59% for reading and 43% for math, then in high school it goes up to 61% in reading and drops to 37% in math, I mean what the hell?? I suppose part of it is just the students attitude but the drop in scores is just embarassing compared to East Lansing, I almost want to move my kids to East Lansing Schools just from these scores.
I wonder if that means my eldest move into honor classes in her middle is just a show of moving her into the regular level of school she should be in at her age. Geeze this bothers me! I think parents need to be more involved, I also think that teachers should be given a bit more power over their students, not corporal punishment necessarily, but definitely something that will put the fear of failure into these students as they move up in grades and age....

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