Friday, December 12, 2008

December 9, 2006

Busy day and boy did it start early! Skinney and I woke up at 6:30 after going to bed at 9:30 but we got laundry done before noon and watched Beerfest, it was hilarious, parts of the plot were stupid but very enjoyable adult humor, definately not fot the kiddies.
Got some of the presents wrapped, ran out of tape and wrapping paper, I guess when we do our big blow out shopping trip we will have to remember that too! Went to my Mom and Dad's saw my son, and he was of course playing video games and pretty doing whatever he wants, just like he gets to here, but I guess it is more fun there. Whatever, I don't know how much longer I will deal with this from him, he is being spoiled I think just a bit too much. rrrrr.
Saw my grandpa and my aunt, they both so tire out my mom and one doesn't even move from the chair he is in to do it to her. The other must just take over everything. I feel bad for my mom with some of this, but she knew what she was getting into when she went and got her this summer.....
I haven't wrote about somethings here but maybe it is time I do now, I wrote my best friend an apology letter and mailed it to her, evidentally she only wonders why I don't call, maybe just this once I would love for her to call me I always seem to be the one giving, at least it feels that way to me, but I guess when you butt your nose into something that didn't involve you in the first place it is what you need to do, even though she said she would call me that so many months ago. Gah I am so in a quandry about somethings with this, I just feel left out and lost in her world now and I am not a person to beg to be included again. hmmm have to work on this more I see. Not mad anymore I guess just slighted and hurt.
That brings up more, I am sad for my "brother" how it must hurt and haunt him, I only hope that peace finds him knowing that his dad isnt in pain anymore. But I doubt that would comfort me much either right now, I do plan on going to that funeral and maybe my best friend (his wfe) and myself can finally talk. I just can't make the call, I guess it is my pride, it just hasn't gone even after any falls. HA!
Plan on seeing some new babies tomorrow the first set of twins I have ever seen as babies, I can't wait I bet they will be so cute! Even after staring at their pictures and knowing that they are boy/girl I finally notice a difference the boy has a widow's peak, so now I will always be able to tell them apar. (I know I really shouldn't need help, but as babies I will after they get older, no, but for right now, yes.)
Ok as I said earlier, I was up at 6:30 so I am going to at least lay down in bed for now. So.... Peace!

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