Friday, December 12, 2008

December 11, 2006

Yesterday was frustrating, it seemed everytime someone came over to my house and wanted to talk to me, my mom had to call trying to convince me to come over, the thing is that she knows how to shop for girls, she had two herself and I do have a life, I saw her on Saturday, and I am actually not happy to go to their house right now when I feel my hands are tied with my son living over there, I mean what the hell am I supposed to do? I have made it clear he is my son, I want him to live with me, but short of throwing myself in the fire and throwing the biggest fit Ihave ever thrown at my parents and son, I can't seem to get the vitals through to anyone in that house. My parents have a new interest in theri life and my son is basking in their spoiling him. rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Tay Tay I am sorry I didn't get to talk to you more yesterday, again my mom, you do have the right to be mad about the laundry, I mean if he wasn't doing it just sending your mom off to do it, he most certainly could have done that while you were at work and it would have been done for once when you got home, the altruistic thing just isn't something he is good at evidentally. (Altrusistic means doing things for another person's happiness to make you happy.) Like I've said before women have it down pat.
My sissie has been quiet, not sure what is going on there, but maybe she will blog and then I will know! (Hint - Hint)

Kay I did this at work again like I am SO not supposed to so...... peace!

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