Tuesday, December 16, 2008

February 19, 2008

Well, my anniversary wasn't spectacular, but it was nice.
After all he can't do the big blowout on just the 3rd anniversary now can he? Are you kidding?? He has to save that for the 30th or the 40th, or something more special like that. Not to say three years has been something worth celebrating, because it is. Every year more is a wondrous amazement that I haven't brow beaten him to death as my family would say. Actually don't get it twisted up too far, Skinney runs a few things around the home, and I am so very grateful for what he does do. And even though the things that are SO important to me are not that important to him, he tries to make them seem like they are, he knows it makes me happy.
And as we go down this marital blissful road together, we are both going to do many things that we don't much care about, just to make the other person happy. I think that is what makes marriage and love work. Now maybe it isn't that way for some people... and maybe it is, but it is what it is for Skinney and I, we are happy without and bad words in our vocabularies (like divorce, breaking up, those bad words).
Now if we can just keep this working for the next 50 years, we will both be in our 80s and hopefully too senile to care about much. LOL! Actually I hope to be one of those people that lives over 100, and be active, but I am not doing very good when I smoke cigs and can't seem to keep that blasted 20 pounds off. LOL, something just to complain about I guess.
OK, now, Aunt D's birthday was the day before Valentine's and woot woot did she make out like a bandit. My sister made her a one of a kind knitted bunny rabbit to keep her company. I want one of almost everything my sister makes, they are just beautiful and fit like nothing from the store can. :) Plus she picks the right colors.... hmm umm the black one...??? LOL Our son gave her chocolate, Skinney and I gave her a necklace and a squishy stress wiener dog (Her and Grandpa have a wiener dog in the House with them). For me it was too funny, for Aunt D, I think it may have been too much for her at times, just a hint of tears from her, but hopefully not too many. :)
The rest of my life?? Well Polo and Nibbles are getting along better, Nibs has dominance issues sometimes now, but mostly settles them with a quick bark and a useless snap. After his latest biting fiasco, I think Nibs has learned that he need not actually go through with it, but just do the show. It is still effective and doesn't end up with him getting into a butt-load of his own trouble with Mommy & Daddy. Grrrr.
Youngest is doing great, learning the bow in karate and is now oh so dangerous with that. I can't wait to go to one of those classes where I can see him exhibit his skills. 9 years old and so aware of his abilities. (Run, run while you still can!!!) Eldest and Middle Children are doing OK I guess, I don't get the phone calls and from what Skinney says, they only call about once a week now instead of the daily thing that the eldest used to do. Don't know how to take all of that, but evidently it is way better down there for her with her sister and Mom. (BIG SIGH.... OK)
Friends?? Well I think you all need to fill me in on what is going on, I blog the most and I try and call... but some just never respond, some days I get the feeling I am knocking on a fake door with some of you. So... I guess I will either keep on trying... or move on. Don't worry I'll figure it out. ;)
So okay, that is more than enough fodder in my web journal, someday I'll write about more important things like politics and the environment, etc., but for now, just be happy that I use this as a sounding board instead of so many other destructive things I could go do. :D

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