Friday, December 12, 2008

February 22, 2007

Wow, times flies when you are busy... so far let's see. I wanted to die on Monday, felt queasy on Tuesday, and Wednesday wasn't so bad.
Got to see Lizard's baby and he is such a sumo and so cute, he obviously loves his daddy very much (the only one he smiled for) and it is obvious that Lizard has calmed down emmensely from this little bundle of joy being born. :) I mean what else can he do but sit there and hold him, the baby is going to be spoiled to death, until he's walking and talking as Lizard says, we will see, I bet he is spoiled his whole life like his older sister. Any takers for that bet??
Got a call from Kitty-Kat on Tuesday, not sure what she wants (as that is the only time she calls anyway) but I bet it has to do with far as she knows I either got surgery or glasses I no longer wear contacts. Sigh ... it is sad and I am sad about what is going on with her, I just hope she smartens up and gets things going straight for her finally, afterall she is turning 26....
Alley-Kat is pissed at me I know :) I blocked her girlfriend's numbers so she couldn't text anymore or call them, then her mom took the phone from her for a week becasue she had been sneaking texting. I told her from the beginning no texting but... she don't listen she will be lucky if I don't take it from her when they get up here next month. I also told her if she paid me what she owed and then ten bucks a month, she could have the 300 texts for each month and I wouldn't care, the thing was that I wouldn't pay for anything more than the basic stuff as she can do chores or babysit for the money to make up the difference. Sucks for her but when you don't listen in the first place..... too bad!
My darling JamieLee.... I am SO waiting for your computer to be up.... I am about to come over to your house and set it up myself Miss Thang! I can't stand not hearing from you, is your mom still driving you nuts? I hope not but mommies do that you know, ask our kids! LOL
As for you Ta`Ta`.... what the hell? No blog no nothing just you on and nothing here, I am crushed and devestated by this....
Katy, I am about to come back out there and finish setting up your account, yo procrastinator! Info my dear INFO, does Buffy hate me??? I truly thought it was some stupid girl from the high school wishing she was buffy the vamp slayer not a distinguished lady.... sorry about that again.... I am still going to try and get Belly's lighter though...
Sissie, I hope things are better today but all my comments I realyl mean them I want to scream at him so bad but I won't for you, and only you, If you were unconscious though.... it would be a different ball game, his head would be up to bat! :) I LOVE YOU!
Ok enough ranting and updating and bitching at my friends/family! I am at work again being bad... sorry!

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