Friday, December 12, 2008

February 19, 2007

I'll be honest I don't feel the greatest... my stomache does not like me eating way too much and eating all sorts of weird things, it was so bad I actually wanted my mommy. She said she couldn't come though cuz she had my boy personally I know she could of come my dad was off today too..... pout, whimper and growl.
My bed is aging me beyond belief too, don't ever put any mattress unless mean for it, into a waterbed frame, it is so hard on my hips and back and and and....I hurt, limping like a gimpy too.
Guess I am going bowling with the guys at least to sit there, I bowled yesterday and it was embarassing my own son beat me with the bumper gaurds yeah but really he beat me, I never even broke a 100. The funniest part though was me throwing a ball behind me because it was too heavy. Oh well won't do that again found me a real nice 8lb. The boy loves the ball too brother, so mega thanks! I will make sure it gets back to you in pretty decent shape... for your boy LOL
Can't figure out what I feel like right now, but... I know I am going so.... see you all later. Peace!

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