Friday, December 12, 2008

January 16, 2007

I am ill, just do not feel good, bubbly tummy, upset rear end, etc. have been sleeping on and off all day, got a call from work I HAVE to be in tomorrow, as the secretary above me is being forced to stay home because her room-mate has the Nile virus and the boss doesn't have a spleen, so no sickies around her. I hope she sends me home too. Actually I hope I feel better tomorrow, but you never know I just would love for my stomache to stay normal it never seems to be happy anymore and for all you hopefuls, FORGET it! It isn't that. Just getting older I guess. :(
Ok going to bed again, I hope Skinney makes something nice and easy for dinner and wakes me up for it! (He did not do breakfast that way....rrrr....)

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