Friday, December 12, 2008

January 4, 2007

Things are just going in every direction.... My grandfather doesn't want to go to my son's birthday party at a bowling alley, so I guess I am to figure out to pay for two parties while Skinney is laid off. Yeeeeessh. Skinney did have some goods news today though, he got his unemployment files properly and go into MTB, then today one of his previous clients called him and wants to meet this afternoon for him to do another job, yeah that means more money for us, but seriously we need it like today, not tomorrow or next week like that. Too many children's birthdays too close to all of the holidays, I am about to start pulling hair out of my head from it every begining of the year it is just to insane. I hope it quiets soon, but then next month has birthdays and an anniversary. Gawwwwhhhh!Probably shouldn't do that, I have little enough hair as it is.
Ta`Ta` we need to get your application done, get over to my house as soon as you can for that. As for Zippy, Skinney told me and are you sure he isn't blonde instead of a red head? Dummy...
Sis, well umm I commented on your blog so.... hopefully I didn't repeat myself too much between the two.
As for me??? Well I have bills to pay and a job I am supposed to be working at sooo.....

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