Friday, December 12, 2008

January 6, 2007

Today my only, turned 8, I got to kiss his sweet little head right at the time he came into this world and he doesn't even know. (My mom had an episode that involved going to emergency so I was awoken and so forth to take care of things.) But with Monkey boy... right now I am in denial of how old he is, you can't guess what that will mean for me, I refuse to think about .. for now. That is its own rant for another day, like another 5 years from now....
I missed my Sissie, I am sure that there are reasons and I am just sorry he is that way. Monkey face was okay with it anyway, he was just happy to go bowling. Missed Jamielee too but I know work is work, one of these days we will get it the timing right again. :)
Ta`Ta` is here so she's doing her best to try and win the money downstairs, I say good luck to them all, afterall it isn't my money, but I get to see them all. :)
Actually Skinney better win.... ;)

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