Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January 6, 2008

Today was the day, :) from what I can tell he had a very good birthday, got what he wanted mostly and made sure that he said thank you to everyone. :) Now for next weekend when the eldest turns 13 and I have 6 giggling idiot teenage girls running around my house, staying up until 4 am and I am one of those parents that don't like to sleep when the children are up.

To be honest, I really don't care for sleep overs, I didn't do many as a child myself and I have never understood how they can be fun. You wake up in a house that isn't yours, eat foods that most likely aren't done the way you are used to them, you can't disappear into your own room to relax, it all just seems so nerve racking to me. I personally don't mind visitng people, but I don't even like calling most people as I am convinced I am interupting something they would rather be doing. Mothers are a different story but we all know that. ;) So I keep these thoughts to the blog and wonder in my mind why children like sleepovers and start preparing myself mentally for the weekend that is coming. Does somebody have a sedative for me??

Otherwise tomorrow is a new week at work and I am determined to stay there for the whole duration of the 5 days, maybe in another week I can enjoy some time off but for now, I think I have had more than enough time off without enjoying myself.


PS, yes I am very sore from rollerskating yesterday, my one leg is wondering what the hell I decided to do yesterday and is paying me back with considerable pain, what fun aging is...

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