Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January 5, 2008

Tomorrow is my only birth child's birthday, he will be nine and I can't beleive that time has moved by us so fast. We had a birthday party for him today at the roller rink and it was hilarious! All these kids falling everywhere, even my dad got on the rink! I did rollerskate myself as well as TaTa; I know I will be sore tomorrow. Aww the fun of it all. :) I still can't beleive that he isn't that adorable little 18 month old that would giggle for me and smile that adoring smile to me to show I was the only one in the world that important, I feel I missed so much working full time, I will probably always resent the capitolistic world for that. So much time forever lost for the both of us. I bet I will always feel it the most though, he has had an adoring set of grandparents to make up for what I couldn't do, bless them for that too.

Hubby is working working working all the time and while I am happy with that, I do miss him around the house more than I ever thought I would. Although, I still would like him to go away once a year for about 6 weeks just so I could miss him and clean the house like you wouldn't beleive. Ahh the dreams we all have, my vacations are at home with no one there so I can make it the cleanest house ever. LOL

I am dealing with the eldest still - I explained to her that I don't care for children that are only around to see how much stuff and money they can get out of me. I think it made her realize how much she had been being greedy and unhelpful to everyone around the house. We had a heart to heart and it just makes me wonder how long this one will last. I just hope it lasts longer than the last heart to heart we had.

Myself?? well I have been sick, fist hubby was at Christmas eve and Christmas, then the 27th through the 30th I was, then I get back to work on the 2nd and poof I am sick again with something else completely. (First was stomach, second has been the head with a determined move to the chest) Yes I am coughing, it totally sucks. I have missed 4 days out of the last 6 days to work, I plan on going to work for all of next week and probably for the rest of the year like that, just to make up for the first part of the year, geeze that sucks to feel guilty about. (Actually anytime I feel sick I won't go in, why contaminate the whole office with my yuckies??) But hey if I am this sick at the beginning of the year it can only gt better right?? That is what I am hoping.

So....May everyone's year be a bright one and when something bad happens remember it is because you need to appreciate the good times more.

Luvs & Peace

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