Friday, December 12, 2008

January 9, 2007

I am grumpy today; I think it has to do with several things that happened last night and in the last couple of weeks. It seems for months now that there has been a constant pouring of people in and out of our house (for the most part I don’t mind company, wish they would clean up more after themselves as I am sure everyone wishes), yet he only is active when there are other people around. If he can only get along with me when other people are around or only when ‘altered’ then I really do not think this is worth it.
I can’t stand it either that my brother came home at 11:45pm from bowling and hubby couldn’t come in till way after 1am. He says he was home at 12-12:30 at the latest but stayed downstairs to hang for almost another hour, what the fuck ever, can always manage to hang with everyone else. Ass. That is another problem he always takes care of himself and thinks he is 22 again when he is with everyone else and with me? Nope I get the 82 year old because he has a headache from hanging and chillin’. I am about to scream I swear.
He is supposed to be working on a side job, but he didn’t get to it yesterday until 10:30 am, without a bid, he still hasn’t called me for today to get it done yet either. I had to call him and he can’t even remember the street name. He is SO professional, then he leaves his truck at the property that looks SO professional too, he is an idiot about the whole damn thing! And yet today he says he will be at the job site at 9, or whenever Zippy gets there, whatever, more like 10:30 again. The x-box is there and neither one has a bit of will power to ignore it for a full day. But, he promised to keep on getting up at 6am with me so he didn’t get out of the habit for when he was to return to work. Whatever, that hasn’t happened. He didn’t sleep in this morning though, neither did anyone else and I don’t care, everyone that lives there can deal with it and just keep it to themselves. I love my roommate, but I will not be quiet no matter what time of day for anyone in my own home. The only people that get consideration is the kids and obviously they weren’t with us this morning!
If he plays his x-box and he is done five minutes before me on the computer - I am ignoring and neglecting him. If I do not come out into the living room (5 feet away) immediately I am stuck watching TV alone for hours while he snores on the couch until I am ready to go up stairs to bed. Then he is wide-awake enough to come upstairs easily. Can’t stand to watch the shows I want to, but can force his crap on me everyday, I don’t pretend to sleep through his shows. I do not care if I am pissing and moaning the fact is that I am always complaining about the same damn things and he is never fixing any of it.
Never mind he has not done anything all this time but play video games and hang with his friends since he got laid off. Nothing that he could have been doing to the house he claims as his. NONE of this takes money but he claims he doesn’t know how or can’t do it.
1. The washer can be taken off the pallet (what-the-fuck-ever lazy ass)
2. The computer room walls could be finished (still lazy tells me that there isn’t enough paint)
3. The closet could be mudded in our room (says mud is in the basement, haven’t seen him do a damn thing with it though)
4. The bathroom sink is partially clogged, he could fix it (but he doesn’t know how to get the pipes apart, it’s too complicated, he isn’t a plumber)
5. The carpet could be ripped up in the boy’s room, I don’t even want him coming and staying anymore until his room is done. More, Skinney promised to let the boy help him paint his room (Liar) (Yeah umm evidentially I am supposed to move everything out of there by myself and do this one by myself.)
6. The girl’s room could be painted (But will we do that, NOOOOOOOO, they aren’t living here why bother)
7. Our room could be painted, it would be better than the pastel pink carpet, pastel beaded blue paneled walls and stained ceiling (This won’t be done either because TV and x‑box are too important)
He has tons of paint in the basement; he cannot tell me that he does not have paint. The bathroom upstairs does not even need paint yet, it needs scraping and sanding first at the very least, a completely new renovation would be nice, but that will not be happening until someone dies or wins the lottery. Neither is happening anytime soon either. There is a ton of projects that he could be doing for our home, but he chooses to keep it dirty, messy, and unfinished in every room. I am beginning to hate coming home to the house as it is so hideous.
He wants the eldest to come and live with us, I don’t want anymore people living with us that aren’t going to be cleaning up after themselves, I get enough of that with the ‘boy’ I married.
I am not happy today at all, it probably is PMS, but for now GOD save me! PLEASE!

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