Friday, December 12, 2008

January 8, 2007

I have a flutter in the bottom of my stomache that usually means something is bothering me, and looking inward and reflecting, something is always bothering me... But today I can't seem to pin it down to which thing is causing me to have some stomache flutters...
Is it my house, that is never finished, scared to death of how I am going to pay for a new roof and top floor windows?
Skinney with out a job and no FOC being paid anymore? When/is a warrant coming? Will unemployment pay it? I seriously doubt that
My job, that has about 10 people that like to piss me off on a daily basis, secretaries not doing their jobs, people that like to put me in charge but not officially...? My web use?? Hahahaha!
My child and parents that can't seem to realize that I NEED to be the Mom?
The insides to my house, that I am unsure will ever get fixed and prettied up? I hate that we havn't finished not a damn one of the projects in the house...rrrrr.
The fact I never get to see my best friend, I thin the next time they have poker you let your hubby come over to my house and I will come over to your house...
Well all of those bug me, but I can't pin it down still which one is bugging me, perhaps I need a cig and then I can figure it out.
As for my EQ life here, I need to become more involved again but hubby is an extremely jealous preson about the web and his personal time, (never mind I barely compain about his x-box 360 obsession...) I also don't hae the art software anymore nor a printer, need that for taxes, let alone anything else I want to do.... hmmmmm.....
Ok yeesh I need to relax and take lunch.

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