Tuesday, December 16, 2008

July 10, 2007

Well, let's see... it has been 90 plus here (that isn't clecius either, thank you LORD!) with 90% humidity, without, yes I said without, air conditioning. I swear I lost 5 pounds on Sunday alone from sweating. LOL!
So today is better, and the weekend was fun, Jason's my space has all of the photos uploaded from all of our recent little excersions so if your curious go look at www.myspace.com/ocskinney the pictures are great! (Thank you, thank you very much I am so talented a photgrapher!) LOL!
Going to the zoo tomorrow with a buch of kiddies and family and friends, gotta love the zoo, I love the zoo very much, been going since my boy was 18 mo and even before that by myself, I even tried to work there! And our zoo is a really small zoo and old, but very fun for the kids and me. :) At least I am not exhausted by the time we are done with it and I get to see all the animals. :D
So.....I am very busy lately! :D Hubby tried to burn the house down last night, how do you turn on the burner at med-hi and then walk away from it? I walked into smoke everywhere in my house. No brains I swear, none at all.
But I gotta go, work is blinking at me and I have a meeting in 30 minutes too, Damn, life is too busy!

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