Tuesday, December 16, 2008

July 3, 2007

Sharp Park was beautiful, I am glad that we went to see it, never mind we went 8 hours early to make sure we got a parking spot. But the ribs were good, the rest of the food awesome and so many kids, the group has just too many kids let me tell you, more than there are adults that is for sure.
Went and saw Jamie, she looks good and so does little Link, his black eye sure does make me think he will be a bruiser. :D So for now I am just very greatful you both made it through alive, it wasn't an easy birth but both of you were strong enough. YAY!
Got 4 kids right now, no husband and readfy to rip my hair out, even when it is quiet I am worried they know how to get into so much crap!
So for no, the dishes will wait and children will go to bed, tomorrow is another beautiful day and a great one for the country too! ;)

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