Tuesday, December 16, 2008

July 31, 2007

Let's see, so far it's like there is never enough money or time to do everything that is needed to be done. This weekend we go to pick up the eldest in Indianappolis again, this time she is staying for the whole school year and if her mom wants her, she can come get her. I am tired of 4 hours one way and then the 4 hours back, I can count how many times your butt goes numb on a drivelike that, it is 6 times. I have never cared for my butt going numb so, it sucks and I know I talk a lot of sh-- but I will do the drive again and again if I have to. I just like sounding tough!
Got a new purse this weekend finally, and my husband is glad to have his shaving kit bag back too. I refused to get a real purse until the perfect purse came along and of course that means a free one that mommy bought. God, mommies no matter what age you are, they are the best! She picked out the perfect one for me that was exactly what I wanted, now to just update the picutre catalog that was in the old one with all of my runner up pictures from the past. It sucks though that some of them I can never get back, plus some of the things in the old purse that I just can't replace as of yet. My son's bracelet he made me, my glasses, my lipsticks, some of them they don't make anymore and like most women once you have found that perfect color you never want another one and that is how it is for me right now. So sad.
Any who... I haven't wrote anything really revealing lately and though when I comment people get a better idea of who I am, it is still hard to blog about relly personal things. For those of you that are able to, you are far braver than I, I am afraid that a lot of what I would have to say would hurt some people that read this very much as when I do finally sday things, it is with a bluntness that can't be ignored. So for all of you scared ... wait till I get my courage up! ;)
Saw little Lincoln James on Sunday, very cute little fussy of a baby, I didn't try to hold him I just let him slobber his mom up, love them both dearly but I on;y want to play with babies not be goobered on. LOL
Ok enough of that too, I have so many people that want to do things this month with me and I have no idea how I am going to make it happen. Anyone want to make me thier heir with a small fortune available today???
Yeah, that's what I thought.... not a peep from the peanut gallery... LOL
Ok, I am being bad and doing this at work again, someday I will stop this I promise. No I do't because here is when I have the most free time, sorry.

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