Tuesday, December 16, 2008

August 6, 2007

My oh my how children interact, so far the two extremes who are my most out spoken are the ones that now are clashing heads, both of them are capricorns and I doubt that they can get transistioned through this peacefully. I think I will just sit back and watch because both are wrong and both are right. It will take too much for me to get it all straightened out, so much can be said about using honey instead of vinegar for both of them. :D
Ready to sell Skinney on the corner, I know, I know, I would make more money than him there, but hey, (truly mean comment here) I already make more so, he can work the corner. LOL I am just tired of everything being so damn blasted important right now instead of in a few days or a week. I've truly decided that I need to take my time in life and that even will start with dinner tonight. I will be taking my time making it unless Skinney wants to take a stab at it today before I get to it. It's too muggy here for me to even be hungry right now.
The drive on Saturday was horrible, I drove all 9.5 hours of it and I know I told you all how often an ass goes numb on 8 hours add one more time for 9.5 hours. Plus my contacts were bugging me horribly, infact I don't think my eyesight was truly clear almost the whole drive, when we got home I took out the contacts, got a cold wet washcloth and proceeded to sleep for at least 12 hours. (I was tired and VERY grunpy) it was very smart of the family to let me do that as I couldn't stand having to stay awake and decently nice another minute.
So onto yesterday, glad I did all of my house chores on Friday when my mom was having surgery on her finger again (the one she fell of the horse with finger ordeal, sited in several of my earlier May posts) nodule on the palm connection so they went in and scraped it off, meanwhile back to step one in therapy for her, what a bummer, she is so depressed now but won't do a damn thing about it because she recognizes it and feels she must deal with it. Whatever that is a serious crock of pooh in my book, if they can help you, do it, her mind is too closed for me to handle at times I think.
Also saw the twin babies, love those two, so very cute and think I am adorable so I will play with them as much as I can! :D So cute, almost a year, in November they will be I just want to eat their little toes and fingers so much, it makes them giggle uncontrollably and nothing is a sweeter sound than a baby giggle.
Ok, so..... got more work to do, not that I want to but it pays more than most, so...... back to work!

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