Tuesday, December 16, 2008

June 11, 2008

Hi and Good Morning!
Well, I hope the boy started off on a good note this morning. I bet he was really excited going to young person's college, I hope he really enjoys this and has a good time, with also keeping his mouth quiet. (Yeah I know good luck on that....) :) Crossing my fingers though. The girls will be home tonight, but I know the boy has school tomorrow so he won't probably be coming over unless Karate is canceled too, and I seriously doubt that. Oh well. I was hoping for all of them on Friday to possibly doing something with them all one more time, Skinney said the girls are most likely leaving on Monday to go back home with their mom. I say whatever to that and don't know what to say to him about it either.
Other things.....
I got a used air conditioner off of the Craig's list and now I need someone to come and put a 220 volt plug in the computer office. (Hopefully one of our friends is coming tomorrow night to do that but I am not completely sure.
My girl friend Katy still hasn't had her baby. (She looked really uncomfortable though) The twins were very cute and the boy even gave me a kiss.
Skinney and I saw Ben & Jamie briefly last night while walking the dogs, they are still without power and she has been going over to her mom's for showers etc, the kids are staying at her mom's house too but Ben and Jamie are camping in their house. (I offered for them to come stay the night, but they said no. :(
I made the fourth bedroom my art room last night, now I am just looking for a futon frame so I can have a couch in there too. :)
Skinney gave Zippy the other double bed mattress we had so now all we have is the bunk beds, the queen we used to sleep on, our new bed, and the futon mattress! Yeah I am reducing slowly. I am thinking of putting some stuff on the Craig's list too, so maybe more stuff will go away out of my house that doesn't need to be there. Kinda like a garage sale without having to set the thing up! ;)
I think that is it. :)

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