Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 27, 2008

How come when you remember some things, the painful parts are lost, like child birth, and then in other cases, the pain is the thing you remember the most? Like raising children and step-children and the hurtful things they say to you.
Now I am not saying I am a stellar- all-star-mom, in fact I know I am not and we aren't going down that road again but, I am happy to say that I am so far, wrong about how things will go for this month. I just need everyone to keep praying to whomever you pray to and cross your fingers that the rest of this month goes smoothly.
(Otherwise, I can breath, but barely, and I really need to go to the doctor to see if it is a sinus infection, I just don't want to.) :(
Thank you.

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