Tuesday, December 16, 2008

March 25, 2008

The desire for a tan. That's what I call this picture, it just makes me want a tan, so bad! I know that it isn't good for my skin, but if you looked at my skin today, especially the skim milk white legs you would wonder when was the last time I saw the sun, and for my legs, I would say sucessfully, it has been years of hiding for me. LOL.
I don't know if I should bother with the actual tanning, aging my face even more than it already is (my 5 year older sister looks younger than me!) adding even more freckles than stay no matter how pastey looking I get, or go for the spray tan, just to look healthy. I now hate the goth wastrel look that my natural skin tone so seems to prefer. The spray tan though I hear is messy and it doesn't last very long, so I am at a loss.
I probably will do what I do every year, nothing. LOL Yep nothing, I used to tan every spring faithfully, but now I am too busy working the yard in pants or just working 8-5 and never seeing the sun. What a goof I am, the only thing I can seem to keep up with is my haircuts and that is only recently.
Yes my hair continues to get shorter and shorter, Skinney isn't too impressed and is growing his hair out in protest, but... I know he still loves me no matter what legnth my hair is, so I guess I will just keep letting the hair stylists I go to play with my hair until I have none left and need extensions! Ha! I am kidding, I won't ever go that short. But there are days I wish I could add extensions just so I could play with it again. Then I think of this summer, without an air conditioner again and I know I made the right decision, no hair on your neck in the summer is a God send! LOL! :D
Ok -- so this has been a truly frivilous post and I couldn't help it. I wanted to say something today and nothing I have done at work has been really exciting so forget blogging about that. This evening I might go and get a new mattress I am tired of bruised hips because of how hard my mattress is. :) Cross your fingers for me.
As for the rest... well hubby has been trying really hard to spoil me. I so appreciate that in him, he spoils me and I him, it's a great win-win situation. Now if his friends would just quit bragging to him about 3-somes. I doubt I will ever go out and find him that girl to fulfill that fantasy, today he even said he didn't want that, so my heart jumped in happiness. Evidentally I am enough all on my own and no extra girl is going to spoil our fun! (This pleases me so much I can't stand it!) Not that there aren't beautiful women out there, but we are happy as just two and unless you are Jamie Presely, you aren't going to be breaking us up. As Jamie could! LOL,
I am so seriously a goof!

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