Tuesday, December 16, 2008

March 28, 2008

Well.... today is my grandfather's birthday,, he is 87 years young. He still mowes his own lawn, he still drives, he still shovels his sidewalks and snowblows his drive. He is a very active man for his age and a great source of joy and amusement for me. He tells the greatest stories for he was a hell raiser in his day and I don't care if I have heard them a hundred times, they are still great to hear. What is really wonderful is he is still around and he has a great- grandson that is nine. :) Yes my son, but hey I can be proud of four generations of my family being alive right? Ok I am so it really isn't a question. :)
Plus as I have said before he and my great-aunt, who is 84 are a riot together, known each other all their lives they tell little tidbits on each other like it is a scandal sheet and pick and bicker like brother and sister, I love it. They make me laugh for they are worse than my sister and I ever were as children.
I am pretty happy where my life is right now amazingly, I probably shouldn't jinx it but I have to say I really am. I mean I have plans, I want to go back to school this fall, I have a lot of work to do to my house and yard, but that is just part of my happiness, I refuse to chase it anymore, when I have caught up to it, now I just want to enjoy the happiness that is with me. :)
Ahhh somethings never change but is it worth not being ahppy about? Not really if everyone is happy, why be miserable when everyone around you isn't? Exactly, I don't know either, so I am happy, yeah! I want to share it with all of you! So... take some and share some and be happy!

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