Friday, December 12, 2008

March 27, 2007

Ok today I am a total butterfingers, spilt toner all over the copier and the floor, had to have maintenance come clean it up, then.... I had my two dumb canes try and commit suicide as they are both extremely top heavy and can't seem to stand up on thier own no matter how big and deep the damn pot is that they are in... rrrr, so now I have dirt all over the floor of my cubicle and they don't come to vacuum our side of the building until Thursday. Hopefull by then I will have been able to ignore the dirt.
This last weekend, well... my shoulder has healed nicely already, Jamie I hope you did have fun on your birthday just hanging out with me and I hope that we can start doing that more often! :D
Drove the girls back on Sunday, about two and half hours on our way back, my shoulder was throbbing as was my neck and my butt was numb. I hate driving long distances just because of her.... RRRRRRRRRRRRR!
We really enjoyed having them here but of course in my mind it starts up a whole nother arguement for me. My boy just does not want to live with me. It's not that I am unfit or neglectful, it's just I say "no" too much I guess... I dunno but I am acutally glad for my antidepressant pills right now otherwise I think I would be a big bawling mess again and nconsolable. I actually want to blow up and demand everything my way, but I am unsure if it would make anything any better.
Getting the roof done this coming month, I can't wait to not have critters living in my attic and then I can get my celing fixed in my bedroom, or at least painted so the stains are gone. YEAH!
Skinney cleaned the car until it loks brand new again, I love it when he makes that extra effort, I took a nap while he did it and although some of you will say "why wasn't I out there helping him, I drive it?" ... Well I didn't help because I was tired and I have done more than enough at home that he can do that one chore by himself. At least this once.... :) I mean I have done most of my part of the yard chores, tonight I might do more of them, maybe. I just want to borrow a rototiller so I can start prepping for my garden this year.....YES I WANT A GARDEN THIS YEAR, not just a row of pathetic looking tomoatoes plants that I never watered. LOL We have a back outdoor faucet this year, so.... I plan on watering this this year! LOL :)
Ok I have done enough of this at work, I feel better complaining about how things this morning wanted to spill or fall on me.
PS. I AM REALLY HAPPY THAT EVERYONE IS POSTING AGAIN! :) AND MY HOME COMPUTER IS SO BROKEN THANKS TO SKINNEY, SOOO... If you think he is dead cuz you haven't heard from him, he just might be....I will be working on that so more tonight too....

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