Friday, December 12, 2008

April 2, 2007

The worries of Lansing, it seems that we are going down a drain without a stopper, and I can hear it swirling down the drain too.
It is a sad thing and while I don't blame it all on this administration I blame it on the last two also as they set the stage for this fiasco. And it is a fiasco, it is to the point I know if I get laid off that I will be looking outside of this state for a job... I have to be able to let Skinney support us more if I am not going to get paid what I do now and I am truly sorry to say Michigan isn't the place for both of us to propser. Even if I only get bumped to a lower position and pay the fact is, I will still go looking because I can't afford to live here at any lower pay than right now, my bills won't allow it.
Yech, all of that leaves a bad taste in my mouth and a nagging voice in the back of my consciosness that won't shut up. It makes me irritable and I am sorry for those that have to live with it. After all I can't be the pleasant lovely person you know and love all the time. :D
Colored eggs this weekend, that was so much fun, I think I had more fun with it than the boy, as he colored eggs and then left the room, Grandma and I played for a whole nother hour with stickers and paints, like two little girls all over again getting to play with some of our favorite things. It was nice.
So was Grandpa's birthday dinner, and I am meaning my grandpa not my son's, it would be his great grandpa, he was 86 on last Wednesday and he is still raring to go, just like my great-aunt she's 84 and still sassy as ever! lol It is too funny to see those two bickering and so forth with each other, I love it. It makes me miss my grandma more but I think she would approve of the two helping each other in this part of their lives. They do each other good far more than if they still lived alone on the opposite sides of the nation, sometimes the phone isn't just enough.
Now I am not advocating all old people shack up together, far from it, but when you know that two people who have known each other for their enitre lives; have each lost spouses, it is good to know that their friendship that lasted all those years was good enough too for them to live the last parts of the lives together as best friends again. They talk a lot about thier spouses, after all my great aunt was my grandma's sister, and they call each other the other spouses names, but I know they are comforted as the rest of the family is that they are not alone and that they have each other to take care of them. ahem....ok
Well enough on that stint too, I think I am just musing way too much I guess. lol :)
Still worried about the bills, still waiting on Skinney's crap, still waiting on a lot of stuff, but I know with faith I will get through it all and be happy while I am here and going to 'there' where ever 'there' is....
Peace travelers, be happy now, not i the future....

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