Friday, December 12, 2008

March 5, 2007

Well, I am tired, and I can't decide if I love seeing people more than trying to get the shit I need done, done. DAMNIT! Didn't get to filing for Jason, didn't get to unemployment for Jason, nothing. But I did get to see a lot of people this weekend. Seth loved all of the kids coming over, he played until his little body was too tired and had to eat, then he scarfed things down at my moms.
We are going to be getting our roof done soon, I am getting the money shortly, however I don't want them to start yet as I want nice weather and someone sitting there watchign them. :) I pay for it I watch it get done!
Ok, I have to meet with my Grandpa tonight and then bowling bowling bowling, so lets see how I feel tomorrow....

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