Friday, December 12, 2008

March 7, 2007

The picture my son did for his entry into the Earth Day contest here at my work, we are big on the environment here you know. He did great and I LOVE IT!
Well I got the money for my roof, put the down payment on it and now we just wait for the weather to be nice enough for those poor souls that are going to be up on my roof. I hope that it does only take them one day, but you never know and I doubt that my luck is that good. I did pay off my windows first though, so yeah I own all of the windows in the first floor! J Next year maybe I will try and get the upstairs and the basement windows done, then all that would need to be done would be the siding and of course almost the whole interior but hey if it looks good from the outside….. lol!
Tried to file for hubby, but the cc doesn’t have enough credit right now to process his return, so…. This sucks, I just wanted to get it out there so his x can at least get something, cuz lord knows I ain’t sending her a damn thing, he ain’t brining in anything but chump change right now so she ain’t getting a damn dime of it, he lives here and he has his bills here that need paying.
This last weekend was a lot of fun for the boy, lots and lots of kiddies for him to play with that were his age and his sex! That was like friggin’ amazing usually he is stuck dealing with girls all the time. I think that the 3 hours at the bowling alley and the 3 hours running wild in the house were enough for one weekend though, 4 boys around 8 years old can do some serious damage to your mental health. Now if I can just have that happen during the summer so I can kick them outside… I’d like it even more. J
So going to try again this evening to file u.e. for the old man on-line, didn’t happen last night because I needed his driver’s license number and he of course didn’t answer his crappy ass phone. Rrrrr!
GIRL SCOUT COOKIES CAME IN!!!!! YEAH!!! I am so happy I already ate my box for this month so now I have to wait until next month, this is going to be hard, I only bought one box for each month. I will probably run out in about 2 months and will die from disappointment that no other cookies compare, but I will try my best to stick to my plan of only one box a month, I swear!
Let’s see the cats are ok, the dog is still insane and the fish are amazingly in good health, I haven’t caused them an holocaust yet…
Our roomy has kinda given me notice that he will be moving out. It breaks my heart as he is the greatest roommate I have ever had, but I also understand the need to have your own place, it has to be hard on him to always be dealing with my crap. I wanna cry though he’s like my oldest kid and now he wants to spread his wings and leave the nest. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Ok as for the rest… well work still is work it isn’t exciting, it isn’t anything but at least it is a paycheck I should feel blessed just for that, the economy here in this city and state is poopy and I should just thank my lucky stars, which I will do right now. THANK YOU GOD!
Tatum – get your manoff his ass and get him either into school or off to work, he has been home enough, actually you too or you two will never move….
JamieLee – you don’t blog enough my dear, I hear funnier stories out of my husband about you than I get to hear from you! (Yes I am whining!)
Sissie, I am sorry about your truck I hope it isn’t that much to fix but if it is the tranny, well then you probably aren’t going to like the cost, sorry! I hope he wins the lotto he keeps on playing to get the money for it too. >:)
Katie, I am just disappointed you suck at doing this crap my dear I can see it, you could at least pick a picture to put up there or something…..
Everyone else, and you know who you are… WRITE MORE DAMNIT!
Ok Luvs…

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