Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 21, 2007

This weekend was fun, I am giving up on the garden, I wanted it, but after trimming out the back yard, my hands hurt so much I couldn't think of trying to hold onto a rototiller and chomping up about a 6X10 piece, maybe next weekend, they say you should wait on your gardens up here in Michigan until Memorial weekend anyway.... (I just hope I can do it and go get the girls,) Going to go get the girls, wow that is going to take a lot this coming weekend, I am trying to figure out how to get all of her stuff here. What a mess wish the ------ hadn't ever moved down there. Need to check U-Haul :)
I had great fun at the baby shower yesterday it was nice seeing everyone that I don't get to see too much anymore. :) I won some things and bless Jamie Lee she gave me stuff too, I just hope the pampering stuff that I bought her, she uses, I meant for her to have some nice things too, not just hillman junior..... :)
Loosing your purse sucks, I haven't managed to go find another backpack purse yet and the one I am using now is so girl I am about to croak from having to carry it on my elbow instead of my shoulder. It's so empty too without any pictures or anything in it, I am depressed about my purse I really am I can't even get a new planner out of my work I bet....
OK I did this at work ONCE again and I swear they are going to come get me for it soon, so.... PEACE!

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