Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 18, 2007

Wow, this week.... so much has happened, is happening, and is coming up my head is spinning!
1. Funeral for my Great-Aunt on Monday, Aunt Alice looke decent in her casket and way too much like her mother, great grandma Ruby, who passed in 1985. very weird but it was good to see family, this summer we are going to try and make it so we see each other and it isn't for funerals or for weddings, just fun! (I hope it works out too!)
2. My mom had surgery on her ring finger, left hand, she fell off a horse two weeks ago and brok the thing horribly, turns out from surgery 6 different places, but an immediate splint and continueing to see doctors, they are able to save 50% of the movement to the tip, and 100% to the rest of the finger, as she ripped ligaments too. (What a mess!) This morning I saw her right after her surgery yesterday and wow, she could club you with the 3/4 cast they put on her, you can't even see her middle finger or her pinky finger.... geeeze they want ot make sure she never moves that I guess.. Just glad it went well.
3. AIK is booming! Skinney cannot keep up with the work and his other job! I am glad, but it seems this summer he will never want to do things with me outside again, and he will always be tired and working weekends. I guess I can't be mad, or sad, it makes up for the months in the winter he doesn't work. His daughters will just have to understand though and that is going to be the hardest part I think, not me or Monkey Boy, but them.
4. AllieKat, yeah she is coming to stay with us for the school year, I am excited and I hope she wants to stay always after her one year! We go get them on Memorial weekend, and Skinney has more stuff to do, like finish painting her room..... procrastination does NOT pay for him.
5. Finish the living room, yeah I know I keep on saying it's finished, but I guess I am just hoping, so again it is supposed to be done tonight and Skinney can start painting it this weekend as our couch is coming next week. eeeeeepppp!!! I can't wait for the couch, but the drywaller screwed my carpet......it should come out easily though with a carpet cleaner as a rag and water takes it out easy enough too.
6. Money Boy, well I think he is rethinking all of his living sitaution again as he knows grandma is in an ackward position of not being able to help real well with the one whole hand immobolized. Plus his oldest sister coming to live with us, it will be weird going over there everyday just to pick her up and leave him there...... ;(
7. My garden, yeah, it hasn't happened yet, but at least the lawn was mowed in the back finally, now we just need to bail all of the hay that we whacked down. ;)
8. A wheelbarrow, I need one, the end of my dead end has some great natural compost and I so want to fill the pit with that. I bet we would have lovely dirt and grass there eventually when it was filled.
9. Cleaning my house and helping my parents. So far it wil be my parent's first and I should go over to my grandpa's and mow his lawn he tried to kill himself way too much!
10. A baby shower this weekend, and yes I know I am supposed to bring diapers and something for the mommy, I just can't wait to see the mommy! :) I'll wait for after delivery for the baby. LOL! :D
So much to do, I don't know if it will ever all get done..... (it will I am just moaning about my weekends never being quiet anymore....)
Ok Peace! and Kissess!

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