Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 30, 2007

It is amazing how much energy yu can expend from yourself and still know that you need to keep going. Three kids at once is a lot. I will say mo more on that, the statment alone is enough.
I love my couch, I need to download the pictures for those of you who haven't made it to my house yet, the color is beautiful and the lighting is finally great! No more dropped ceiling and panelling for me! :) Yeah!
Trying to figure out how to get an unactive 9 year old active, she doesn't wan to do anything.... sometimes I want to do see if she is even listening and most likely my vote would be no.... I want so much more for her.
Need to make more $, lay offs are coming and hmmmmm I am not looking forward to it.
Also, I want t brag for a minute, I mowed my own lawn. Yep, I mowed it myself all by myself and it about killed me at 10 in the morning on Monday, I am still sore. I think I will keep doing it thugh because I do both the front and back yard in one day and it is a great workout!

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