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June 6, 2007

OK, so far I have complained to all my friends that they have not blogged in far too long. Don't you know I am a virtual prisoner at my own home unless I drag 3 kids along with me? Sometimes I know I can't go to the bathroom without them, lol! :) OK now onto updating all of you.
The kids will be gone, as will I, every Tues and Thurs as they are now taking a self-defense class at the YMCA for half of the summer. I want to make sure my small children have the knowledge to protect themselves. (HIYA!)
My legs are sore for the second day today, (I'll explain now), the girls and I, who have admitted that we all are 25lbs over-weight, (ask the BMI index....) that we would work out as much as we could together to get back to our healthy weights. (Yes, I know they are children but excess weight at this age is too much stress for their hearts right now, and in the future.) So, we have On Demand on our cable box, and we did the Bunny Boot camp, OUCH!!!! It works almost nothing but your butt and thighs and mine hurt still! I hate stairs and sitting and I work on the 3rd floor and live in a house with 3 floors, I wan to cry in the morning right now, let me tell you. And yes, you all can laugh, but we girls in my house are dedicated to our goals and we will do them, so long as Skinney quits sabotaging everything with Brownies, pop, cookies, cool-aid, butterscotch chips, you name it he has it and I am about the throw it all out, I don't care if he can eat it and not gain a thing, there is a majority of females in the house now and we intend to remove any temptation. OK, well I intend to remove the temptations, the girls haven't even learned about proper eating yet. I try, but it's like talking to a wall when Dad is eating a brownie in front of them.
So I keep trying, today they are swimming and I will take Tylenol about a 1/2 hour before we work out tonight just so I can go through the motions with them. But if I start sanding the hallway floor again I may not make it to working out with them, I will just be their cheerleader! (That hallway is a lot of work to sand and I have several times to go over it again....)
Skinney is working, for himself or someone else I don't know anymore, i just know we need him to bring the money in again! I am BROKE! If I am broke, so is the rest of the house, so it sucks like right now when we need dog food and milk, meats, fresh veggies and fruits, etc. I hate being broke.
OK, enough of that, so the State let all of us peons that work there that there will NOT be any lay offs at this time for the 07 budget. However, they have said everything is on the board for 08 and I can't wait, I almost want to bet that they will make us take furlough days right around Christmas just to save only 20% of whatever, as most of us are federally paid..... just when we have spent a butt load of money on our kids of course, but they probably won't let us know until a few days before hand. Who knows? I could be wrong, they have 3 months to figure out next years budget.... who wants to bet that they don't get it done?
You know I wonder, how could they not when they are a full-time legislature? You would be amazed about what they can't accomplish in the WHOLE year, but wait, they don't work Mondays and Fridays almost never, and they discuss and pass bills that are asinine! (SP?)
So I say a Part-time legislature would be a far better thing than what we have now and if your REALLY curious, look at this Representative's blog (Jack Hoogendyk) and this website for a way to get a Part-time Legislature in Michigan!
The Blog: http://coreprinciples.blogspot.com/
The Website: http://parttimemichigan.googlepages.com/
If you really feel like helping Michigan, I would suggest e-mailing the person that runs the website, so we can get the petition going and we the people of Michigan can make these yahoos really work for us and not their pockets!
OK, enough on politics, and yes I am very aware of most of them here in Michigan, I have to be, I work for them.
Gas prices.... do we really want to say anything about this? I want an air -propulsion car from India, I am just scared some huge monstrous car from the US would kill me and it if I got one..... they say they don't have a very good crash rating being made out of fiberglass and plastic glued together, but I would feel better about the environment around me if I had an air car.... :D
So enough for now, my lunch is almost gone.

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