Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 7, 2007

My roof is done, the front door is done, the drywaller is there right now, I am so tired of the things in the house, I haven't gotten to the outside yet, right now we look like a field in midst of the green lawns, I know I will have to bail hay when we finally get to it, cuz lord knows Skinney sucks and will avoid doing the damn lawn as long as he can. Jackass. Everyone else in their right minds would miss one day of bowling to catch up on their lawn but nope not my hubby, bowling is more important that the fact that it will be raining tomorrow and we won't be able to do it then. GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Let alone the whole topic of he won't help me with my garden I want. Bigger jackass there too. Ugh!
Then my Great Aunt Alice is dieing, she has stomach cancer and the doctor's only give her a week to live, I am not happy, but she is 83, can you take away her pain? No, only if she passes, so I hope that she passes peacefully and my cousin who is taking care of her at home, doesn't suffer too much watching her mother die in front of her. My grandfather is suffering though, it's his baby sister, and he already burried his other little sister, he doesn't feel that they should be leaving this world beforehim and while we never have a say in that, it must hurt to watch them leave before you. Thank God Aunt Doris is here with him (My deceased grandmother's little sister) they help hold each other together far better than anyone else could I think. My grandpa misses my grandma terribly too, and this August it will be 5 year, beleive it or not, it still hurts to this day, as I miss her so much myself. And the creepy thing is... my Aunt Doris (actually Great Aunt) looks so much like my grandma, it's hard not too mix them up. I hope grandma forgives me when I slip and call her sister her.
So once again I did this at work, bad bad me, gotta go!
Peace! and Green Living

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