Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 10, 2007

I am planning on making my very first garden in my back yard this year. I have the rototiller and I have the fencing and seeds, not the little plants yet, but I want them fresh. Now I need to figure out what size I need. I am only planning on a 6 pack of tomatoes (the larger kinds), a line of carrots, a line of oinions, and 3 bell peppers and maybe a jalepeno plant too. I don't really want a big garden but I want stuff that we will eat and won't die if I mess a day of watering. Now maybe I am hoping for too much, but I always helped my parents with theirs so it can't be that hard can it? I was thinking of a garden about the size of ... at the most 6x10-foot. I figure with the little rototiller I am borrowing that it will take most of the day to do that part alone. I just know I don't want a 20X40 like my parents do, that is just too much weeding, I already have flower beds around 3 sides of the house, I don't need almost a whole nother lawn to weed too! I have also finally convinced Skinney that the sand pit can be filled with leaves, clipping, etc, to start a good compost pit to help fill the pit and to help control the organic trash from out yard, plus if we make enough compost, I will have a really nice garden next year when I do the spring application of the compost and rototill that into it.
The living room is supposed to be finished today, with the ceiling getting stomped finally. Then we can put the crappy furniture in again until the new couch comes. Ahhh how we will completely redo a room for just one peice of furniture. What weirdos we are.
I had a really nice mommy-sister hang-out last night, we went to a small diner ate malts and completely did a no-no of finishing our plates. It was yummy! Then we went to the star local pet store (Preuss') and I went wild, I love that store! I bought a new pump, new filters for all the pumps, some plant life, and a rainbow shark for Skinney. Now we got home around 8:45pm and I had to leave real quick to get that poor shark into the water. I replaced the hinky pump and put the new one on, then put new filters in all of the tanks (we have 2; 29- and 10-gallon) I feel so much better for my fishies! I am sure they do too, but that place... it is sooooo cool! A waterfall outside of the store, a stream in the store, a bus full of gerbils, hamsters, rats, mice, weasels, you name the vermin furry it is there. Lizards, kitties, parrots, finches, parkeets, love birds, I love it all! And the best salt water stock you could imagine, someday I would like to try and have a salt water tank but to be honest, goldfish are even too much work for me sometimes. I mean come on, work full time, clean three floors, cook, lawn, garden, pets, parents, kids, sister, grandparents...... (in-laws, too) whooooo! it is a lot for me, and I run most of it on my own, I guess I never wanted to be She-rah but I am getting there, ah well at least it's keeping me relatively skinny myself.
My parents and grandpa went and saw his sister (my great-aunt Alice) yesterday also, from what my mom says she looks really bad, and my grandpa just isn't taking this well at all. He went to see her and they aren't even sure that she knew he came to see her. She's on morphine now for the pain, has pnemonia and cancer in both lungs and is hurting so much still. It is very sad that all she can do now it seems is open her eyes briefly and convulse from the pain. I pray that her pain is over soon, life should never end so painfully after such a full life. Speaking of full lifves, my grandpa had to go out and mow his lawn himself, I think he is trying to kill himself..... rrrrr, stubborn old men.
Ok well I am going to go, I am supposed to be working, AGAIN......................
PS, Thanks for the call Sissie, I enjoyed hearing about the new filly! As for the property.... well Skinney hasn't told me to shut-up yet.....

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